5 Position the Hated Men Fuck

Position the Hated Men Fuck

ThesHanty Girl,- Not all positions to fuck favored men. In addition to having to work hard, they tend to want to see his partner while making love. Behind the favored position to fuck a couple, it turns out there are a few positions that he hates.

What's it? check out his review, as quoted Yourtango, Wednesday (27/11/2015):

1. Woman on Top

This sexy position turns out to be not so well liked guy. The reason, this position makes a man hard to control and adjust the speed accordingly.

2. Missionary

This classic position often considered boring. And the ladies did not do anything. Despite so many men also said, this position included his favorite because it can see her partner while making love.

3. Doggie Style

This may make it easier to position the guy doing the penetration into the female sex organs. Although some men say it's their favorite positions, but others resent this position thus because of feeling communication is the key to enjoying sex and experiencing the psychological benefits of full physical intimacy.
4. a Spooning

Fuck this style often do when feeling lazy. In addition, this position also makes it easy to pair slept. This position is also difficult for a little guy that Mr. P its not too big.

5. Sit on my face

This position is done when men want to give oral sex on his partner. I dunno, a lot of men who love it. But some others say this position is troubling them. The men say it's hard to breathe and thus lost the passion of making love.

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