12 Benefits Leaves Cincau Fresh for Medicine and Health

Leaves of grass jelly can be found easily because it can grow wild in the yard. For the public at large, grass jelly leaf can be consumed as a traditional treatment of various diseases. Here are the benefits of grass jelly leaves that are tailored to their needs and a variety of medical problems that often occur in the community.

12 Benefits Leaves Cincau

Fresh leaves Cincau

Benefits Cincau Leaves for Treatment :

1. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Cincau contains chlorophyll in the leaves is large enough. These substances can relieve inflammation caused by bacteria or germs on certain sections. For these benefits, leaves of grass jelly can be crushed and a little salt and then smeared on the sick 3 times a day.

2. Drug Fever

Leaves of grass jelly contains saponins and benefits of antioxidant that acts to reduce fever. Grass jelly drink boiled water after the water is filtered twice daily.

3. Drugs Diabetes Mellitus

Grass jelly leaves contain chlorophyll compounds and bisbenzilsokuinolin be useful to stabilize blood sugar levels. It will then improve the performance of the pancreatic hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. If consuming water decoction of the leaves of this grass jelly regularly, as many as 200 ml 2 times a day.

4. Gastric Inflammatory Drugs

The content of vitamin C and the antioxidant benefit in leaf chlorophyll grass jelly will help to overcome the gastric inflammation experienced by someone who has abnormalities in stomach acid. Such compounds, will strengthen the muscular wall of the stomach to kill the bacteria that cause diseases of the stomach. To treat stomach ulcers, can consume grass jelly leaf decoction 2 times a day.
5. Hypertension Disease Drugs

SS tetandrin compounds are also useful for treating hypertension. These compounds can cause dilation of blood vessels so that blood will flow more smoothly. Smooth blood circulation system, would overcome the initial high blood pressure and back to normal. To treat high blood pressure, grass jelly leaf consumed 3 times a week.

6. Drug Poisoning Due seafood

The benefits of seafood are very good for the body, but food such as shrimp and squid can cause poisoning. Antioxidant compounds in the leaves of grass jelly can help people who were poisoned seafood. How to use leaves as drug intoxication grass jelly, grass jelly squeezed 5-10 leaves until the water produced is green. Then drink this potion using brown sugar.

7. Pain Medication Tipes

Tocopherol compound, phosphorus minerals and antioxidants from leaves of grass jelly can improve the immune system for those who suffer from typhoid. Consumption of this grass jelly leaf decoction, 3 times a day.

For Health Benefits Cincau Leaves Others :

8. Addressing muscle problems

Kurin compound dimethyl-1 dimetoidida of leaf grass jelly to help overcome muscle problems such as muscle stiffness, aches and pains. And assist in the stretching when applied topically as an ointment or taken in the form of decoction.

9. Effective for cancer

Benefits grass jelly leaf has isokandrodendrin and SS tetandrin compound that works to kill cancer cells that will become cancer cells. In addition, both of these compounds can improve the immune system in our bodies when we eat, after the process first became stew or gelatin.

10. Turn off the tumor cells

Isokandrodendrin compounds will kill tumor cells that attack specific organs such as the kidneys, stomach, and liver. Leaves of grass jelly can be consumed in the form in order, boiled water, or the powder as much as 3 times a day as an anti-tumor drug.

11. Coping with diarrhea

Alkaloid compounds in the leaves of grass jelly contains the benefits of vitamin C and vitamin B benefits that can cope with diarrhea when consumed regularly as many as three times a day. Alkaloid compounds will help kill germs in food and enhance the absorption of nutrients in the body.

12. Preventing Osteoporosis

The mineral content of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus are quite high in grass jelly leaf useful for regenerating bone cells are porous. Useful content is, to nourish the bones in the formation of blood cells are damaged. Thus bone health despite reaching old age can be maintained.

Hopefully the review above provide science for those of you who are in need ..

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