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Friday, 7 August 2015

Tips Eliminate Face Dull and Greasy

Tips Eliminate Face Dull and Greasy

What do you want to face free from dull and greasy face? Of course you want dong. Because it has a face that is free of oil and dull will make you become more confident, if you have a dull and oily face will worsen your appearance and make sure you are not confident.Causes skin becomes dull and greasy usually in because of genetic factors, lifestyle, environmental factors, diet, consume less water, irregular sleep, less precise in choosing products, eating fatty foods, and hormone imbalance. 

What do you want to know how to get rid of the dull and greasy face? Easy to do it you just see thin-tips below. 

1. Avoid StressStress is also one of the causes makes your skin look dull and dry. Therefore, if you can avoid things that make you stressful. Eg thinking too much about the job or are too busy working, do not be too busy working also take time for refreshing. 

2. Much Drinking WaterYou should know that the water was very helpful in maintaining the health of our organs including skin health care. Water can prevent dehydration and maintain a healthy body. Thus, people who consume lots of water usually have skin that looks fresh and healthy. Therefore, do not be lazy consume water. 

3. Do not stay up all nightDue to staying up we often lack of sleep. Do not often stay up all night because of late nights are one of the causes of skin look dry and dull due to lack of sleep. Therefore avoid the name of late nights, not sleeping too late if there is not the important thing. At least we have to sleep eight hours a night so your skin does not look dull. 

4. Keep EatingYou should also keep your diet so that you become a healthier life. If you can not consume food that lacks nutrition, or too much fat and coconut milk. Better you should eat foods that are categorized into four of five perfectly healthy. 

5. Face Washing SoapIf you have soap to clean your face dull and greasy, you can also use your face washing soap to remove dull skin and oily. You should be able to take the time to be able to wash your face so that your face looks clean and fresh. 

6. Using Ice CubeYou can also soften your face just by using ice cubes only. It is very easy, you just rub-rubbing ice cubes are new to your face. 

7. Using Egg WhitesLast tips is to use egg whites. Apply a natural mask using egg white before you go to bed so that your face looks fresh and feels smooth next day. His manner was easy, first of all we just need to separate the egg whites with the yolk, egg white and then apply it to the surface of your skin, after you wake up the next day you just have to wash your face with clean water.Well, that's seven tips to get rid of the dull and oily face. How easy tips and simple is not it? Then hopefully these tips are useful for you all and good luck at home, thank you.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Foods Rich Nutrition Important For Healthy Body

Foods Rich Nutrition Important For Healthy Body

Inevitably, the food you eat has an important role for health. That is why, many health experts recommend that we often consume foods that contain a lot of nutrients in it. Therefore, all of the nutrients in these foods may help regenerate cells in the body and can increase the body's immune system. Errors eat foods, will only give bad effect for you, easily hurt, for example.

Well, here below are some of nutrient-rich foods that should always take. Eating all these foods will give a positive effect on your overall health.

1. FishFish is a food source of omega 3 fatty acids, especially salmon, tuna and mackerel. Not only that, the fish also contain a variety of other nutrients such as selenium, magnesium, potassium and protein. Good again, the fish can also strengthen bones and immune system, because in it there are also many vitamin B complex. Not only that, the fish is also good for your heart health because it can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

2. BroccoliThis green vegetable is very well taken for those of you intending to lose weight. This is because the broccoli is low in carbohydrates and contains a lot of fiber which is good for the diet. Broccoli also contains anti-cancer compounds are indole 3-carbinol and diindolymethane that can prevent you from the risk of breast cancer, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

3. Nuts - NutsWant a healthy heart, try the consumption of these foods. Yes, nuts - nuts are foods rich in essential fatty acids that can help in lowering bad cholesterol in the body, of course it could be a positive impact on your heart health. In addition, beans - beans can also improve mental concentration and can reduce inflammation of the body.

4. SpinachWho does not know these greens. Spinach has always known by a variety of healthful nutrition content. These vegetables are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Besides being rich in antioxidants, spinach is also rich in vitamins A, B2, C and K. Other content in it, namely magnesium, manganese, iron, folate, calcium and potassium. With such a variety of nutrients, making it mandatory to add vegetables to your healthy menu.

5. GarlicThe active substance is called aicin in garlic can maintain heart health and lowering high blood pressure. One of these herbs also contain calcium and vitamins are beneficial for improving the body's immunity and can make healthy bone.
That 5 foods rich in nutrients that are essential for the health you should consume. Feel free to add all of these foods in your daily healthy menu. Hope it is useful.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Here's 5 Sports Easy To Strengthen Your Heart

 Here's 5 Sports Easy To Strengthen Your Heart

The heart is a vital organ in the human body in between some kind of organ that we already know. Cardiac function as an organ that pumps blood that carries oxygen and food -sari cider flowed throughout the human body. Therefore, each of us must always maintain and strengthen the health of the heart organ. One of the most recommended is to do the kinds of exercise for your heart. So, what easy sport to strengthen the cardiovascular health ... ???

Friend, health tips. There sharing tips that can help strengthen the heart health such as choosing a variety of foods for a healthy heart, healthy lifestyle for a healthier heart and perform a variety of easy tips to maintain heart health. There is one more tips which you should not miss for the health of the heart organ is to do a variety of exercises that can help strengthen your cardiovascular health. The heart of the exercises you can easily practice at the same time not take your time. Here are 5 easy type of exercise to strengthen your heart health:


Perform Sport Foot. Without realizing it, almost every activity we do every day would involve your feet. But as technology advances, the activity of walking began to be replaced with motorbikes and cars. For this reason, take the time to walk 30 minutes in the morning.


Perform Running Sports. Take the time to do jogging can help strengthen your cardiovascular health. In addition, this exercise can help the body burn calories faster and more. Thus able to lose weight more effectively and naturally.


Sports Pool. Swimming may be one of the sport fun at the same time become one of the hobby for some people. There are several benefits that can be obtained from the swim as healthy organs and strengthen the heart muscle in your body.


Bicycle pedaling. Fun, exciting and challenging a few words that can describe the sport of cycling. Routine exercise with cycling will be of great benefit to strengthen cardiovascular health and strengthen muscles and joints in your feet.


Combination exercise. Exercising by doing one type of exercise constantly will certainly have an impact on the emergence of a sense of boredom. For that, you can schedule daily exercise or combine or merge the sport such as running faster then run. So that heart health is maintained and boredom can be lost.

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